Home Organization Services

A home organization service can be a huge help for anyone whose home is filled with clutter. These services are great for empty nesters, new parents, or people going through life transitions. They can also provide you with the motivation to get organized. These professionals are trained to organize your home to make it easier to live in it.

Decluttering Solutions

Decluttering solutions from home organization services are available at a range of prices and can help you get control over your life again. A professional organization service can help you sort through your belongings to decide what you need to keep and what can be donated. These services can also offer extra services, such as help preparing for a new arrival.

Decluttering solutions from home organization services can help you achieve your personal decluttering goals without causing too much stress. Their professional organizers have experience working on a variety of projects and are aware of the needs of their clients. Additionally, they are constantly researching new products and solutions to help clients achieve their decluttering goals. By using a professional home organizing service, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an organized home.

Neat Method is a luxury home organizing service with locations across the U.S. and Canada. Their expert organizers can help you with any size home. In fact, Neat Method was recently hired to organize the offices of the popular Goop magazine. They specialize in kitchens, closets, bathrooms, pantries, offices, and more. The style of their organization solutions is sleek and functional, and their services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Decluttering Solutions from home organization services may offer a few hours of personal organizing help, or they can take on the entire task for you. They may also focus more on decluttering and cleaning and not so much on helping you develop personal habits. Some services even offer virtual appointments, and they offer the option of working on your schedule. In addition to their professional services, you will receive an action plan for maintaining your newly organized space.


Handy is an online marketplace that connects you with home organizing consultants in your area. The service can help you declutter one room or your entire house, and many organizers are flexible with their availability. You can book appointments via the Handy app, or on the company’s website. Handy’s prices are reasonable, and organizers are paid a flat rate of $55 per hour. Handy also performs background checks on its contractors, so you can feel confident that you are getting the best service for your money.

While Handy is currently one of the largest home organizing services in the United States, it still remains competitive. The company’s services are available nationwide, and Handy’s customer service representatives are available to answer your questions around the clock. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you’re not completely satisfied with the service, you can request a full refund.

In addition to organizing, many home organizing services offer additional services to their clients. They can help you declutter, install closet storage units, clean your furniture, and hang window treatments. They can also label your items, categorize them, and replace furniture and other items as needed. In addition to decluttering, they can also help you decide which items you should keep.

Handy’s business model is based on the sharing economy: it connects individuals seeking household services with trusted professionals. In exchange for a small percentage of their customers’ fees, Handy allows people to easily find affordable, professional services that solve their specific needs. Handy’s goal is to make household services accessible to everyone, and to make them more convenient for their customers.

Despite its success, the company’s business model is being scrutinized by local authorities. The Chicago mayor’s office is asking the company to take steps to protect its workers’ rights. The company’s business model has resulted in a number of lawsuits, which allege discrimination and misclassification.

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