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Sweet Pea Stamps

Garden peas are sometimes called sweet peas or English peas. The pods are firm and rounded, but you must shell them, remove the peas inside, then discard the pods before eating. The peas are sweet and may be eaten raw or cooked; these are the peas you typically see canned or in the freezer section.


  1. In 1984, Janet Harris broke a Guinness World Record by consuming 7175 peas in 60 minutes using chopsticks.
  2. The average pea weighs between 0.1 and 0.36 grams. They are tiny little buggers!
  3. The less water you use when cooking peas, the less vitamin C is lost.

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Unique Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is a mineral salt mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal and India. It is derived from natural deposits of sulfur, sodium, and calcium. This salt produces a pinkish color when exposed to light. It is used for culinary purposes, but also has some medicinal properties as well…

Understanding Kosher Sea Salt's Unique Qualities

K kosher sea salt is used for a variety of kosher cooking methods. Its versatility makes kosher sea salt an indispensable tool in the kitchen. It is commonly used for kosher dvds and salt mixes.


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The Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

The Benefits of Pink Himalayan SaltPink Himalayan salt is rock-mined salt from the Himalayan region of Pakistan. It has a pinkish hue due to trace minerals found in the rock. It is used as a food additive to replace refined table-salt. It can be used as a decorative...

Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan SaltPink Himalayan salt is rock salt mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Its trace minerals give it a pinkish tint. Many people use it in cooking and as an alternative to refined table sugar. It is also used in decorative lamps and as a spa...

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Dead Sea Salt Benefits For Your Health

The Dead Sea salt has many benefits for your health. Its therapeutic properties have been known for centuries. It helps treat inflammatory diseases, arthritis, atopic dermatitis, and eczema, as well as soothe the skin. Its medicinal properties are so impressive that...

The Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

Cleopatra was known to have used the salt in her beauty routine, prompting Marc Antony to conquer the area. The sea water has many beneficial properties, such as relaxing the muscles and calming the mind. The salt soothes and replenishes the skin, which is a good...

The Benefits of Fine Salt

Fine salt has a slightly different texture than table or sea salt. It is a crystalline substance that is formed by the sun's evaporation of sea water. It dissolves easily and blends well with other ingredients. For cooking, it is great for marinades, soups, and...

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