Places to Visit in Eddyville, Kentucky

If you’re looking for places to visit in Eddyville, Kentucky, you’ve come to the right place! This beautiful, nature-filled city is home to the Kentucky State Penitentiary and is a popular retirement, vacation, and tourism destination. It is also close to Lake Barkley.

EDDYVILLE KENTUCKY is a nature filled recreation area

For nature lovers, Eddyville, KY is an ideal location to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. You can play a challenging round of golf or relax on the riverfront and picnic at Kuttawa Recreation Area. You can also explore the nearby Mineral Mound State Park, a pristine lake and a great place for outdoor recreation. The area is open all year long, though hours vary.

Eddyville is just 40 minutes away from Evansville and Paducah, making it easy to get to. The area also boasts easy access to the interstate and is centrally located in western Kentucky. Visitors can also take a road trip to Beaver Dam, KY, an outdoor concert venue and scenic area an hour from Eddyville.

It is a tourism, vacation and retirement community

Eddyville Kentucky is a small town that has a thriving retail industry. The town is home to an outlet mall called the West Kentucky Outlet Mall. This mall opened in 1989 and has ten stores. This small town has a rich history dating back to 1799.

Eddyville is located in Lyon County, Kentucky. It is a small town with a population of approximately 2,556. It is located on the shores of Lake Barkley. The community retains the feel of a rural farming community, but it is also a popular retirement, vacation and tourism destination. Lyon County was established in 1854 and is home to approximately 8,000 residents.

Lyon County has a thriving school district and offers residents a variety of recreational activities. The school district emphasizes academic, athletic, and extracurricular excellence in the community. Residents enjoy small town life and are surrounded by nature. The town also has a full service grocery store, hardware store, and pharmacy care.

It is home to the Kentucky State Penitentiary

The Kentucky State Penitentiary, otherwise known as the “Castle on the Cumberland,” is located in Eddyville, Kentucky. The prison is situated on the shores of Lake Barkley, 4.8 km from downtown Eddyville.

The prison is home to over eight hundred and fifty inmates, who are served sentences of life in prison. There are numerous programs offered at the prison, which include sex offender treatment, substance abuse treatment, moral recognition therapy, and individual counseling.

The prison is located near the town of Eddyville, Kentucky, near the Tennessee border. The area is also known for the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, which is renowned for strange happenings. The prison is also known as the “Castle on the Cumberland” and houses male Death Row inmates. Visitors can take tours of the prison, but photography is prohibited.

The prison opened in 1798 and operated as a for-profit enterprise until 1880. It was run by “lessees” and “keepers” appointed by the governor. In 1880, influential newspaper editors pressured the state legislature to build a new facility. The facility was erected on eighty acres of land near Edyville.

It is near Lake Barkley

Eddyville, Kentucky, is a small town that is located near Lake Barkley. Originally, the town was on the north bank of the Cumberland River and was named after the large eddies that formed on the river. However, in the late 1950s, the Army Corps of Engineers bought most of the town’s land and moved it to the floodplain of the Barkley Dam. The dam would ultimately affect the entire city and many residents became angry.

The Lake Barkley area has a variety of activities. This lake is not as large as Kentucky Lake, but it provides recreation for the west Kentucky region. At its summer pool, the lake holds 60,000 acres of water and stretches for 134 miles. The lake is navigable and offers great fishing opportunities.

The area surrounding Lake Barkley was once home to several towns. Some residents still call the “Old” areas, such as Old Eddyville and Old Kuttawa, “Old Eddyville.” The cities, which were on the lakefront, were rebuilt. In fact, many of the old foundations still exist, making it possible to see them during the winter pool.

It has 13 golf courses

If you’re interested in playing golf in Edyville, Kentucky, you’ve come to the right place. The State Parks in the area have thirteen golf courses, all of which have excellent maintenance and friendly staff. Many of these courses also offer restaurants and overnight accommodations. Some even have abundant portions of food.

The Cullan at Mineral Mound course is a par-72 course with 6,930 yards of elevation change. The course features Bermuda grass and a slope rating of 127. It opened in 2003. The course is managed by Chris Cary. At Mineral Mound, you can experience a day at the park while enjoying a game of golf.

It has a large outlet mall

For years, Eddyville, Kentucky, was an unwelcoming place for tourists, and the city’s outlet mall did not attract many visitors. But things changed in 1988 when three brothers decided to build a new outlet mall. The new center opened with just ten stores, and grew to nearly 50.

The Eddyville outlet mall was one of the first of its kind in the region. However, as other outlets opened up in nearby towns, the Eddyville mall started to fade in popularity and customers. Currently, most outlet malls in the area are in the midst of a similar decline. In the meantime, major factory outlet megacenters have opened in nearby cities, such as Nashville, TN, or Branson, Missouri.

This town is located in the western part of the state, near the junction of Interstate 24 and the Western Kentucky Parkway. It was settled around 1798 and is the county seat of Lyon County. It is also home to the state penitentiary. The area also draws tourists due to its proximity to the nearby Lake Barkley, a popular boating/fishing destination.

It has a trail run

You can find a variety of hiking trails in Eddyville, KY. The trail system is well maintained and open to the public. The trail system is designed with varying levels of difficulty. The Yellow lowlands trail is fairly level, while the Orange lowlands and Red Highlands trails are more challenging. These trails feature twists and turns, as well as steep climbs and descents.

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