Things to Do in Clinton, New Jersey

The town of Clinton, New Jersey is located in the Raritan Valley. It is situated along the South Branch of the Raritan River. There are several things to do in Clinton. Listed below are some of them. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the shopping district, and the restaurants.

Spruce Run Reservoir

The USGS New Jersey Water Science Center maintains the Spruce Run Reservoir in Clinton. This reservoir is part of a watershed known as 02030105. You can learn more about watersheds at the EPA’s Surf Your Watershed Web site and the USGS Science In Your Watershed Web page. This reservoir drains an area of 41.3 square miles.

There are several amenities offered at Spruce Run Reservoir, including a boathouse, campsites, restrooms, and a playground. During the summer, the reservoir is open from Memorial weekend through Labor Day weekend for camping, fishing, and other activities. During the winter, there is ice fishing and cross-country skiing.

The reservoir is fed by Spruce Run Creek, a creek that runs through an area of rich agricultural land and evergreen and hardwood forests. This creek rises along the ridge of Schooley’s Mountain, a mountain that is located about ten miles northeast of the reservoir. This reservoir has protected more than 300 acres of land in the area. The Hunterdon County Parks and Recreation Department has been working to restore this wetlands and natural area to its natural state.

The Spruce Run Reservoir is the third largest reservoir in the state. It has over 1,290 acres of water and 15 miles of shoreline. The surrounding area is also home to the Red Mill Museum Village, a historic village where you can explore an antique iron bridge and take in the spectacular Raritan River waterfall.

Spruce Run Recreation Area has restrooms with running water. It also has a boat launch and a campground. Boating can be a lot of fun on the lake. The lake has plenty of room for kayaking, paddleboards, and sailboats. You can rent a motorboat or paddleboard. There is even a wheelchair-accessible observation deck.

The Red Mill

The Red Mill in Clinton, New Jersey dates back to 1810. It was constructed by Ralph Hunt on land he inherited from his father, Daniel Hunt. The mill sits on a branch of the Raritan River in northwestern New Jersey. The water provides a steady flow of raw power for the undershot wheel. For the first few years, the mill was a successful wool processing facility, but the downturn in the cloth business in the 1820s killed the business. Eventually, Hunt lost his family’s property. After he died, the mill was sold to a water supply company, and eventually closed.

There are reports of ghostly activity inside The Red Mill. Some guests have heard footsteps and objects moving around without a reason. One guest even claimed to see a man in the third floor. Although the mill does not employ ghost hunters, some members of the JPI have met with ghostly entities on previous investigations.

Visitors to The Red Mill will find a number of artifacts from the history of New Jersey. There are also a number of special programs for the public and schools. A gift shop offers many historic reproductions and gifts. On the upper floors, there are exhibitions on the history of the town and the county.

The Red Mill is one of the most iconic and photographed buildings in the state. It’s located on the banks of the Raritan River and is one of the most beautiful locations in Clinton. The town is also home to several historic sites and a number of outdoor recreational activities. For more information, please call ahead.


If you’re in the mood for a late night bite, there are many places to order food in Clinton, New Jersey. You can also use a delivery service like Uber Eats to order from local restaurants and shops. With this service, you can browse the local menu, schedule delivery and track orders minute by minute.

If you’re in the mood for a light meal, try Christie’s Café on Main Street. The quaint cafe offers artisan sandwiches, quiches, paninis and a large selection of colorful pastries. It features counter service and local art. You’ll also enjoy the background music, which includes Nat King Cole and Gershwin. There’s outdoor seating too.

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