Things to Do in Molalla Oregon

If you’re looking for a vacation spot where you can explore the outdoors without a lot of fuss, Molalla, Oregon, may be the place for you. This small town has a rich history and a safe environment for travelers. Here are some ideas for activities and attractions in and around Molalla.

Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo

Molalla is home to one of the largest rodeos in the Pacific Northwest. The Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo, which is held in Shirley Street Arena, attracts over 47,000 spectators for five performances over four days. The rodeo is affiliated with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), and it is a member of the Columbia River Circuit of the PRCA. The Molalla Buckeroo is also a host to Willamette Valley Junior Rodeo Association events, BRN 4D barrel racing, and the annual PBR Ross Coleman Invitational.

The Molalla Buckeroo Rodea Association was formed in 1923 and is a non-profit organization that operates the event with the help of volunteers. This rodeo is considered one of the country’s premier rodeo events. It was originally held in a large field outside of town but has since been relocated to a permanent venue.

The Molalla Buckeroo Rodea is an annual rodeo that takes place in Molalla, Oregon on the fourth weekend of July. It is a family event that celebrates the community, and is often attended by many locals. In addition to featuring exciting rodeo competitions, the event also serves as an opportunity to celebrate the community’s history and development. Originally, the rodeo was organized to raise money for fire equipment.

Dibble House Museum

The Dibble House Museum in Molalla, oregon, is a nationally recognized heritage site. The historic home was constructed in 1859 by Horace Dibble. Its design is reminiscent of colonial-era New England houses. Several generations of the Dibble family lived in the home. In 1904, the Molalla Area Historical Society bought the home to preserve its history. Today, the museum is open to the public for tours by appointment.

The Molalla Historical Society organizes an annual celebration of the apple harvest. During the second weekend of October, the Molalla Historical Society hosts a festival that features ice cream, fresh apple cider, and homemade apple pie. There are also historic crafts and live music.

The festival is a great way to celebrate the history of the Dibble House. It features live demonstrations and exhibits about the town’s history and heritage. It is a must-visit event for young children. The Dibble House Museum is located at 620 South Molalla Avenue.

The museum also has a historic building that is used for special events and historical society meetings. This building was built from elements of the old Molalla Union High School. It contains local history exhibits, as well as a museum store. The museum complex is open daily from 10am to 4pm. The museum has wheelchair access and accessible restrooms.

The Dibble House Museum in Molalla, OR is a unique site that highlights the history of Molalla. The house was moved from its original location to preserve the house from demolition. It is the oldest house in Carus, Oregon and was also used for a post office.

Molalla Train Park

When you’re looking for things to do in Molalla Oregon, you may find yourself looking for a great miniature train ride. From 11:30am to 3:45pm, the train runs through park-like settings along the Molalla river. It’s free to ride the trains.

The Molalla Train Park is a family-friendly attraction, spread across four acres in Clackamas County. The park offers 10-minute rides on seven trains. You can even stop and get fried chicken and coleslaw to go with your train ride. The park is also home to a bed-and-breakfast and hosts special events throughout the year.

There’s also the Molalla Farmers Market, which is billed as a “true farmers market” and sells local products. The market is open from late May to early September. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also sample Golden Artisan Goat Cheese, a rustic French-style cheese that’s made in small batches.

Another great activity for families in Molalla is the Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo. The event has a century of history and is one of the biggest in the state. Aside from the rodeo, there’s also a carnival, games, and other activities for the entire family.

Molalla Train Park, things to do In Molalla Oregon: The train park is all about trains! Its four acres offer rides and picnics, and it’s the perfect place to see train models in action. While it’s not an amusement park, you can take your family on a train ride, eat lunch in the picnic area, or watch a train show.

You’ll also want to check out the Dibble House Museum. This 1859 house was built by a local builder and is reminiscent of Colonial era New England homes. It was home to a family until 1904 when the Molalla Area Historical Society purchased it and preserved it.

Von der Ahe House

Located in Molalla, Oregon, the Von der Ahe House is a historic home that was built in the early 1800s. The house, which was constructed using hand-cut lumber, is the oldest home in Molalla. It was built at a time when the town was a staging stop for stagecoaches traveling between Oregon City and Salem.

It was built by Fred and Marie Vonder Ahe in the 19th century. The house was originally located near Carus, Oregon, but was relocated to Molalla in 1972. Today, the house is part of the Molalla Area Historical Society Complex. The house contains exhibits about the local history and provides visitors with a glimpse into how Molalla people lived a century ago.

The Molalla Historical Society restores the house and cares for it. It also includes a historic summer kitchen. Early pioneers often built a separate summer kitchen away from their main house in case of fire. Originally, the summer kitchen was located about 40 feet from the “big house.”

The Vonder Ahe House is located at the Molalla Area Historical Society Complex. It was the home of Christian Frederick and Marie Vonder Ahe, and was a popular stop on the stagecoach route between Oregon City and Molalla. In 1972, the Molalla Area Historical Society purchased the house and its summer kitchen. Today, the Vonder Ahe House includes an exhibit of artifacts and a resource library for the Historical Society.

The Von der Ahe House was built in 1870. The house is located in Molalla, Oregon. It has a history dating back to the 1860s. It is open for tours, and visitors are encouraged to take the time to visit the house. The building is a popular tourist destination in the region.

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