Top 5 Entertainment News Sites

Entertainment news is a form of journalism that covers celebrity scandals, movie and music reviews, and other pop culture topics. Its stories are often uplifting and aimed at bringing readers together.

The entertainment industry has its own set of standards and ethics that help streamline its operations. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to stay true to those standards.


FirstLook is the premiere entertainment news program in Asian-American homes. It features exciting original segments and exclusive interviews with Hollywood’s top celebrities. The show is distributed through a variety of cable channels and on-demand platforms. In addition to the entertainment content, First Look is also dedicated to supporting fearless investigative journalism, innovative and cinematic nonfiction filmmaking, and press freedom initiatives that promote free and open societies and a free press. Unlike Script Pipeline’s screenwriting and TV writing contests, entries for the FirstLook Contest are judged on both writing ability and commercial potential. Winners and finalists receive extensive post-contest development and have their work distributed to the industry.

E! Online

E! Online is the website for the American celebrity and pop culture focused cable channel E! (pronounced E-Zine). Its slogan is “The Pulse of Pop Culture” and it describes itself as a “glamorous community”. This is an online magazine where people can find breaking celebrity news in real time, watch their favourite programmes, flick through photo galleries and read exclusive Red Carpet content.

The network is known for its live red carpet pre-shows for major awards shows such as the Primetime Emmy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, and the Academy Awards. It also hosts post-awards specials featuring fashion critiques hosted by Joan Rivers under the title Fashion Police. The network has produced original reality and talk show series, including Chelsea Lately with host Chelsea Handler and its scripted spin-off After Lately.

The channel also broadcasts a weekly entertainment news program called E! News, which is a mix of celebrity gossip and in-depth stories about contemporary film, television and music. The channel has a ticker that displays entertainment news headlines each half-hour, and fast-breaking entertainment stories may be highlighted on the screen during regular programming when warranted.


PopSugar is a digital publisher that serves 50 million unique visitors each month. It primarily uses programmatic advertising to drive revenue. It is a proponent of header bidding, which it believes drives higher CPMs and better ROI for advertisers. The company also relies on native ads and Taboola’s platform for monetization.

In addition to its blogs, PopSugar operates three subscription products – Must Have, Glow, and TeamSugar. The subscription product Must Have provides a monthly box of lifestyle items, beauty products, and full-sized fashion pieces. Its subscription service aims to provide women 18-40 with a modern shopping experience.

The company was founded by Brian and Lisa Sugar in 2006. The two had a long history of blogging and were passionate about their audience. They soon grew the blog to multiple platforms and launched their first subscription service, Must Have. This was followed by a range of other products, including the Glow fitness community and TeamSugar workouts. These were a hit, and the company has grown to become a multi-brand media and technology firm. It is now part of American digital holding company Vox Media.


With over $564 million paid to artists in total, Bandcamp is an honest-to-goodness bulwark against the creep of artistic monoculture fueled by the consolidation of digital life into the hands of a few corporations. It is also the best way for smaller artists to make money on their music. It gives the highest percentage of revenue to artists (85-90%) and serves up 320kbps mp3s. Additionally, it allows artists to set a minimum price for their music and also offers a variety of other options, such as physical merchandise and subscriptions.

As far as marketing goes, the key to success on Bandcamp is creating high-quality content that entices fans to follow you. This includes a great artist bio, a captivating cover photo, and an engaging album description. You should also consider adding lyrics to your music. This will improve search, make your music accessible to people with hearing disabilities, and prevent cheeseball lyrics sites from profiting off your work.

Bandcamp also has a strong editorial arm, which features interviews and “Best Of” lists. Its writers take a discerning approach to their coverage and shine a light on everything from sludge metal to power ambient, and Black Appalachian banjoists to modern Maori music.

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