Top 5 Politics News Apps For Your Android Or iPhone

The avalanche of news that breaks every day can be overwhelming, but a good app is key to keeping up. These free and paid apps help you organize your feed, make sense of political buzzwords and more.

A popular choice among the aggregators, Google News curates top stories for your interest, including breaking news, local news in your area and articles from topics you’ve chosen to follow. The latest version has a sleek new interface and the option to watch live video from CNN, plus a wide range of news sources and publications.

Flipboard uses community curation to create mini magazine issues centered on places, categories or events you’re interested in. It has a clean, modern layout and is completely ad-free. The free version offers a limited selection of sources and the ability to track certain topics, but a premium subscription unlocks more options.

This streamlined news app is ad-free and uses machine learning to recommend the most important stories. It also allows you to personalize your settings so that it only shows you stories from the outlets you want to see. You can also give stories thumbs up or down, and save searches and articles to read later.

For a quick and easy political update, this simple app is an excellent choice. It provides news from several major nations and includes all the major political headlines. It’s also light in weight and uses less mobile data than other news apps.

The most well-known international news organization has an Android and iPhone-friendly app that offers the latest headlines, in-depth reporting and expert analysis. You can also get the scoop on foreign affairs from the BBC’s global network of correspondents.

Politico’s mobile app offers a variety of features for staying on top of the latest policy developments and political happenings. The free version lets you select which political news and events you want to follow, and you can track specific politicians or specific bills. It also features a handy counter for how often a politician has broken a promise or made an unfounded claim.

This app is a bit different than most in that it analyzes the political leanings of news outlets and shows you how partisan they are with a color-coded map. However, the most useful feature is probably its ability to show you the full story behind a particular political event. With a little help from this app, you can keep up with the politics in your hometown and across America and around the world. It’s like your personal political adviser in the palm of your hand.

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